Men’s Group Video Tribute to Al Siebert

Al had a core group of guys he’d meet with socially on a regular basis. They call themselves the “Men’s Group” and consist of the founder Jack Kondrasuk, and members Glen Fahs, Larry Kirkhart, Dave Morrison, Gerry Brown, Rob Russel, and Jake Mintz. These men knew Al best, and in their wish to do “something” to memorialize their good friend, they decided a video memorial recounting some of their memories would be a fitting tribute. Enlisting the help of Al’s niece, Kristin Pintarich, here is what was said… (apologies for low audio levels on some…).

Glen Fahs and Jack Kondrasuk introduce the memorial project.

Rob Russell appreciates Al’s intellectual curiosity

Larry Kirkhart discusses Al’s confidence that the universe will provide.

Dave Morrison mentions Al’s "wicked, sly sense of humor."

Jack Kondrasuk appreciates how Al always emphasized the positive.

Jake Mintz notes how Al really walked his talk and lived life on his own terms.

Glen Fahs relates interesting stories about Al.

Gerry Brown appreciates Al’s understanding of "how to be in this world."

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